5 June, 2009

June Newsletter from WhiteLabelDating.com

Welcome to June's edition of our newsletter, we have had a very busy month writing blogs, throwing events, welcoming new partners, creating new sites and much more. So what better way of keeping you updated with all the news than putting it into an easily digestible newsletter for you, so enjoy...


Free Tuition to Help You Make The Most Of Your Site


Here at WhiteLabelDating.com, we've created a program of weekly blog posts to help you make the most of your site. We're starting out with how to improve your Search Engine optimization (SEO). Each week, we'll be identifying different helpful tips, step by step actions and informative links for you to help build up your perfect site. The blogs, if used to your advantage will result in huge amounts of free traffic heading towards your sites.

Our first issue included four quick tips to kick-starting you SEO campaign, including: deciding on a concept, your keyword research, competitor analysis and identity of your brand. The blog is full of insightful knowledge and helpful links such as Google Keyword Tool and the Search- based Keyword Tool. The second issue, which will be posted next week (week commencing 8th June), will discuss the tools you will need to produce content and talk about publishing frequency, building link popularity and using current affairs as a fuel for the viral fire.

So make sure you keep an eye out for the "More Content = More Cash" blog posts, and if there is anything that you think will be helpful and you would like to learn more about please drop me a line and we will see if we can post some tips around it. We hope you find the blogs useful, your feedback is always greatly appreciated.

You can check out the first issue of the blog at: More Content = More Cash - Issue 1.


South African Stats Sounding too Good to be True


Many of our partners have realized the great untouched potential in South Africa. There has been a great rise in new sites being launched, resulting in the client base becoming huge!

When you look at the stats coming out of our South African network, it really is amazing to see the growth. In just three months the number of members in South Africa has gone up by a huge 83.43%! That is great news for all our partners as the bigger the client base, the more likely it is that members will pay to sign up to the site as there's more to keep them engaged. Why not try launching a new site over in SA and cash in on this highly profitable market?

Online dating has really taken off over in SA and the revenue growth shows just how much the dating world is becoming so much more acceptable amongst the masses. Revenue growth has gone up 456.16% in just five months, this figure seems to be to good to be true especially in the present economic climate It just shows more people are using the internet to find "the one". As people become more cautious with their cash, they're looking for more efficient ways of meeting potential partners and online dating continues to prove to be good value for money.


Racing Car Stunt Day Was a Stunting Success


At WhiteLabelDating.com we value our partners and like to give something back to our best performers and shining stars. We try to arrange regular activities to say thank you but to also encourage interaction with the partner team.

We would like to say a huge thank you to those partners that made the race car stunt day a huge racing success.

The day was filled with great activities from a high speed car shoot out to double decker chaos car driving! Awards were given at the end of the day for those that exceeded in events throughout the day.

Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did at White Label, and we hope to see you again at a future event.


NMA Now Upon Us


That time of the the year is at last upon us... its NMA award time! WhiteLabelDating.com are really excited about the New Media Age awards on June 25th, where we are proudly sponsoring the Best Use of Social Media award.

It should be a great success and we will keep you posted on the nights activities in July's newsletter.


See You Next Month


Thanks so much for reading I hope you enjoyed June's newsletter, we like to think we keep you as updated on events as possibe!

Please do drop me a line if you would to see anything in July's edition, or if you would like to add anything to our blog posts. You can reach me on fheath@globalpersonals.co.uk

Tune in next month for more news and updates.

Kindest Regards

Francesca Heath

Marketing Assistant



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