19 August, 2011

August Mid-Monther

Welcome to our August Mid-Monther - that inbetween newsletter that is ramma-jammed with news and ideas from WhiteLabelDating.com!


AdWord Campaigns - A New Holiday Solution!


Ever wanted to set up a dedicated campaign for a Bank Holiday, Valentine's Day or special event?  If you have, you probably gave up on the idea of doing this with Google Adwords because it took so long to get an advert approved. Well Google have answered these requests and are now automatically reviewing paused adverts.

All you need to do now is create a dedicated Ad Group in advance of the event (recommended a week before to give sufficient time for review) and pause the ad and keywords which will automatically be reviewed. Then when you're ready to set the campaign live, un-pause the ad and keywords! *Note: If your ads need to go through manual review this will not be affected and timescales may still be longer.

It should be a relatively simple process, but if you need any more information, feel free to get in touch with your partner manager.


Internet Dating and Fraud- 419 Scamming


Charlotte our Customer Care Supervisor, has written an insightful blog regarding ‘419 scamming’. Explaining what a ‘419 scam’ is, Charlotte looks at how this affects our industry and how her team work hard to combat this activity every day. Please click here to read the blog in full.


Informative Videos And Report from Google


A YouTube channel has been set-up by the local team at Google who manage dating clients. Some recorded webinars may be useful to our partners and they will be adding regularly to the content.

Google have also done an interesting study on bidding on your own brand terms. For links and further info, please click here.


Partner Of The Month


Aaron Samsonoff is WhiteLabelDating.com’s ‘partner of the month’. Aaron only joined in April and has achieved a huge amount of success with his dating portfolio in this short time, bringing in high registration and revenue volumes and innovative marketing ideas. Congrats Aaron!


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