21 December, 2011

Your customers are happy - take adavantage!


One of our USP’s is the great level of customer service we provide to our members.

The Customer Care team will adjust their handling techniques for every member across the platform ensuring a first class service is provided. So, why not take advantage of the outstanding service that is delivered to your members by placing some testimonials / feedback on your landing page? Not only is this a great way for you to share feedback to existing and new visitors to your site but it also helps you with that all important SEO.

Having blog content on your site that is refreshed regularly will help your SEO and your site’s visibility in the natural / organic search engine results. This will help alongside your advertising to optimise site visits and basic conversions. You could also set aside a section on your homepage for members to post stories about life events, or a ‘Members Corner’. This can be anything such as Christmas party stories / New Year’s resolutions and even past dating experiences. This will create a more personable atmosphere – something people are looking for when they are thinking of joining a dating site.

Merry Christmas! :-)

Jessica Dimsdale, Partner Manager @ WhiteLabelDating.com.

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