9 February, 2012

Valentine's Day - get prepared!

It’s that time of the season when love is in the air and you have to dip your hand into that ever worn pocket to treat the love of your life. YES you guessed it, Valentine’s Day, the day when men account for 73% of flower sales across the globe and when over 1 billion cards are sent between loved ones and potential loved ones, as a sign of admiration and much more.

So, what does this mean for the dating industry? More users online? More messages sent? More virtual gifts purchased perhaps? Indeed, all of the above... last year we reported that 63% of members would either be searching for a date or actually be on a date on Valentine’s Day. This led to record numbers of winks, icebreakers and private messages being sent and received. Now consider that statistic along with the continued record breaking member growth we have seen since...

To compliment this day and help increase member activity we will again be putting together a number of offers for your current members: free reads and promo offers to name but a few.

So what can you do I hear you ask? How can you be a part of this day? Why not update your landing page with a cheeky banner relevant to Valentines’, why not tailor your campaign using relevant key words? The Partner Team are always here to help you if you need any advice.

Show your members you are thinking about them, show them you love them and be part of the experience that is Valentine’s Day.

Chris Georghiou, New Business Development @ WhiteLabelDating.com.

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