24 April, 2012

'WhiteLabelDating.com FC'

As the WhiteLabelDating.com family continues to grow as an enterprise with record figures across the board every month, what better way to celebrate with another famous WLD social event...

This however is not your typical one night bonanza (as we have become famous for) more, a weekly gathering of the selected few who wish to be known as members of the WhiteLabelDating.com Footballing Community.

Created on the back of some quite comical and often intense team banter, a weekly hour slot was added to the calendar allowing members of the Partner Team, Customer Care, Comms, Moderation, Retention and Development teams to both pit their wits against each other and also combine their powers within the safety net of a football pitch.

An accident waiting to happen I hear you ask. What is the point of this blog you say? Here at WhiteLabelDating.com we thrive on team spirit and the collective environment that we have established since we started many moons ago. The more you know about your colleagues the more you respect what they do individually and more importantly what they do for the company. Social events are not just about having fun and making the most of the free bar (although that does help), it is about recognising the role of each team and how vital they are to the company’s success.

Although I am disappointed to note that there have been a number of injuries (all ankle-related) and a few early retirements, the football has been a huge success with more and more members of the team putting their names in the hat.

So who knows... maybe one day we can have a partner vs. WLD charity football match!

Chris Georghiou, Business Development @ WhiteLabelDating.com.

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