13 November, 2012

Important update from WhiteLabelDating.com

We have recently made changes to our platform to enhance site speed and performance. We would like to remind you of an important update that's vital to the function of your site. Please read on for more details...



At WhiteLabelDating.com, it's important to us that your pages load at a high speed. Slow running can be harmful to both conversion rates and search rankings.

In order to ensure that your homepages download as quickly as possible, it is essential that you reference all assets within your homepage using http://s.wldcdn.net/.

You should NOT use:

Following this, we have noticed that some member feeds on partner homepages reference:


Again this needs to be replaced with http://s.wldcdn.net

For example: http://s.wldcdn.net/api/badge/js/XXXX-8

This will ensure that your homepage continues to deliver as it should, and that your visitors get the best possible experience to maximise that visit to registration rate.




When updating your assets, remember to look in the following places:

  • Javascript for Latest Member Badge
  • Mobile re-direct Script

If you have any queries regarding this update, or would like to discuss this further, please contact your Partner Manager today.

We strongly advise that you update all assets with the correct URL by 7th December.



If you have any queries regarding this update, our Partner Team is here to help you - get in touch today.

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