12 December, 2012

Optimising with festive design and content

Christmas is upon us once again. It’s the sure-fire season for sales in the world of retail and online to soar, and the dating industry is no exception. So, how can you take advantage of the festive period and ensure that your site is fully optimised?

The first step is to get your landing pages looking festive. Add a few Christmas touches, such as holly, snow, or presents and add some festive copy to the page. Of course, you can be as creative as you like with this. A few simple seasonal spruces to your page shows new and current members that you’re committed to keeping your site up-to-date.

If your dating site has a blog, this is a great opportunity to create content with a clear call to action. Think ‘5 tips for finding love this Christmas’, ‘How to find a man to kiss under the mistletoe’ and ‘New Year date ideas’.

The next thing to consider is advertising. Whether you advertise with Google or drive affiliate traffic, there are plenty of ways to add a festive feel to your campaigns. An example of copy you could incorporate into your ad text could be, ‘find your perfect partner this Christmas’. You could also include seasonal images to your ads, similar to those on your landing page, to give your advertising a current and festive feel.

Christmas is a great time of year in the world of online dating with more people than ever looking to find love. It’s important not to leave any stone unturned and to seize the opportunity to create successful seasonal campaigns and increase your ROI.

Alex Robertson, Partner Manager at WhiteLabelDating.com

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