25 March, 2013

Easter news plus an exciting tech launch

With Easter just around the corner, we share some helpful advice to help you prepare plus announce the exciting launch of the ‘Profile Wizard’...




With a lot of territories experiencing multiple Bank Holidays to celebrate Easter around the upcoming weekend, make sure you are fully prepared to take advantage of the increase in online traffic.

We often see a spike in members on a Sunday and this could likely continue from Good Friday through to Bank Holiday Monday (and Tuesday, for some fortunate countries)! Last Easter, Google saw a 30% spike in dating terms across all devices, with a 45% increase in queries on mobile devices. They advise WhiteLabelDating.com partners to “increase budgets on all campaigns to capture this extra volume, as we are predicting similar traffic patterns this year.”

Be prepared! Invest in your campaigns and speak to your Partner Manager if you need any advice or help.




Our Comms team will be enticing basic members with some pretty sweet treats by having a ‘free read’ at 18:00-20:00 local time on Thursday evening (28.03), capitalising the activity with a special offer that will launch on Friday morning (29.03) ending midnight on Monday (1.04).

The Bank Holiday and themed campaigns always go down well with members so make sure your campaigns are ready to drive traffic to capitalise this activity! If you need any help or advice - do get in touch with the partner team who are here to help you have your best Easter yet.



We are very excited to announce another great tech update to the WhiteLabelDating.com platform, the ‘Profile Wizard’! This will help guide members through the process of completing their profile and each step is optional for the user. The Profile Wizard aims to encourage members to upload a photo and complete their profile, which will in turn increase member engagement and conversion, also creating a higher amount of quality profiles in the database and helping to increase higher search options for users.

Launched a week ago, the results have been fantastic- the Profile Wizard has been shown to more than double approved photo uploads, and to increase approved profiles by greater than 400%! Huge thanks to our development team for their hard work creating this great tool.



We hope you have a great Easter. Don’t forget to join us on TwitterFacebook and check out our blog for up to the minute news and handy tips.

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