5 July, 2013

July Newsletter

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Affiliates can be (and have proven to be) a very useful source for generating significant volumes of high quality traffic. In simple terms, an affiliate is somebody who agrees to promote an advertiser’s product for an agreed commission.

The deal between the advertiser and affiliate naturally depends on a number of different factors and can vary depending on the budget of the advertiser and the volume of traffic that each affiliate has to offer.

We asked in-house Affiliate Manager, Chris Georghiou, to share his thoughts with partners looking to use affiliates on our blog - click here to check it out. If you have any queries, do get in touch with the team who will be happy to help.




With May being crammed with content and incentives for your members, you would have thought that the Comms team may have slowed down just a bit in June... but no, they went full throttle as always, sending out some great testimonial campaigns, National Picnic Week content and Father's Day comms to mention just a few!

Click here to check out the June comms round-up in full...




You should have already upgraded your Google AdWords campaigns to Enhanced Campaigns. However, we are aware that a number of partners still have not updated their AdWords accounts.

All existing Google AdWords campaigns will be migrated automatically on 22 July.

Automatically migrated campaigns will remain live, however, please be aware that if you do nothingyou may experience a significant increase in your CPL. This is because campaigns that were not previously mobile optimised will enter the mobile marketplace in the same space, at the same time.

To avoid an increase in CPL and to maintain your current ROI, please ensure that you amend campaigns and optimise your ad copy for mobile as soon as possible.

Google are expecting a large influx of ad copy changes after the automatic migration on 22 July, when advertisers affected by the automatic migration may look to amend parts of their campaigns to cater for the additional mobile and tablet exposure. Please consider that this may result in delays for ad copy approval.

Check out our guide to avoid being caught out and if you have any further enquiries, please get in touch.



We will be unveiling some exclusive content on Google+ in the upcoming months, so do come and join us there!

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