3 September, 2013

Google Webinar: Convert more members through remarketing

We’ve arranged a valuable webinar with Google exclusively for WhiteLabelDating.com partners on Wednesday 11th September at 3.00pm BST.

The Google team will be going through techniques to convert more members through remarketing - a must attend webinar for all partners.

Reserve your place on the webinar today and read on to find out more >>>



Most of the new users that arrive at your site will not convert on their first visit - that's a fact! Remarketing allows you to retarget users who have left your site for whatever reason as they continue to browse the web. Visitors to your site are ‘warm leads’, so it makes sense to target these users as they're more likely to convert for you.

Remarketing is an incredibly powerful tool and delivers great results for advertisers who use it. This webinar will show you how to set-up and run remarketing campaigns on Google.

The Google team will also cover remarketing lists for search ads which has recently launched. This allows you to retarget users on search; so for example, if a user visits your site but then leaves you can retarget them as they continue their search for a dating site on Google search.

Please note remarketing on display is only suitable for non-adult sites.  Remarketing lists for search is available to all advertisers.




Date & Time

Wednesday 11th September

3:00pm to 4.00pm BST

To attend this webinar, register your interest and reserve your place today >>>



We really hope you can spare just 1 hour from your day to attend this valuable and informative webinar from Google.

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