17 September, 2013

Important tech updates

Please read on for important tech updates to the WhiteLabelDating.com platform.



Having a quality database is paramount for providing all members with a great user experience. To ensure members join the correct country networks, we are going to be implementing some additional IP tracking software that will detect a visitor’s location at registration.

If the visitor's IP address is not of the same country as the site's targeted audience, the user will be presented with a message asking them to contact customer support. The customer care team can then advise the visitor which site they can join that is specific to their country.

Partners should have already made sure the settings within their paid search campaigns target users who are located within their site's intended country. If not, partners need to double check their campaigns and geo-target their ads accordingly.

For partners using pixel tracking: if the user's IP address is not relevant to the site's targeted country and is presented with the customer care message, the pixel will not fire.

If you have any questions regarding this update, please contact the team for further assistance.




As part of our continued battle to improve email delivery rates, we will be implementing a block on the use of a limited number of 'service' addresses that are being used to register member accounts. These have been highlighted as raising the risk of email throttling and blocks taking place by ISPs. From now on it will not be possible to use any of the following restricted addresses:

abuse, admin, admins, alert, alerts, blackhole, blacklist, bulkmail, compliance, devnull, domain, domains, domreg, domtech, email, ftp, hostmaster, it, mailer-daemon, newsmaster, noc, nospam, postmaster, privacy, rbl, registrar, remarks, root, route, security, spam, spamtrap, support, sysadmin, usenet, uucp, webhosting, webteam, www, info, sales.

Existing accounts will remain but we cannot add to this volume. If a member tries to register with an email address listed above, they will be told that the email address is invalid.



If you have any questions regarding the above updates, please do get in touch.

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