7 February, 2014

Prepare your campaigns for Valentine's Day now

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Every year we see a significant uplift in traffic around this time, so it's important that you prepare your campaigns now to capitalise on the increase!



An estimated 37 million dates take place on Valentine's Day every year in the UK alone! Did you know that 14% of women have also admitted to buying themselves flowers for Valentine's Day just to avoid the embarrassment of being without a date?

There has never been a better time to tell consumers about your dating site. Start optimising your campaigns now to increase your reach and take advantage of the natural uplift in dating related search terms.




With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, ad space is filling up fast. As the owner of a dating business, you have a well placed advantage - people are already looking for what you have to offer!

Optimise your ad campaigns now to avoid missing out on any additional traffic. Partner Manager at White Label Dating® services, Sarah Iles, recommends that you ensure keywords are relevant and campaigns are mobile ready. Also be sure to take advantage of the Google Remarketing tool to remind singles what they want is a date this Valentine's Day.

Read Sarah's blog for more tips on how to achieve the best return on investment >>>




Regularly refreshing your landing page is great for improving organic search rankings.

White Label Dating® services Partner Manager, Richard, suggests that it's a good idea to begin to incorporate seasonal Valentine's Day elements into your landing page now, if you haven’t already. Use terms like, ‘find a date for Valentine’s Day’ to plant interest and maximise conversions.

If you have seasonal Adwords campaigns running, these updates will also help your ads perform better, as well as providing a richer user experience.

For more detailed advice on maximising conversions this Valentine's Day, check out Richard's blog >>>



If you have any questions about how to best optimise your campaigns for Valentine's Day, get in touch.

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