7 March, 2014

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We hope your March kicked off with a bang! In today's newsletter, we'll be talking about the things our team are doing to nurture and grow your dating business.



Our Development team are currently working on the following projects to help you increase your conversion rates:

View verification reports

As part of the verification project to improve email deliverability, you can now view the verification rate of each of your sites. Take a look at the new 'Verification report' the next time you log into the Partner Portal.

Better live chat

Since the implementation of live chat in December 2013, we've seen a huge uplift in the number of upgrades processed by our customer care team. This week we switched software providers; the new tool is more scalable and will allow us to grow our team more effectively.

Increasing user engagement

The team are currently working on a new homepage design within the app to enhance user engagement. In addition, we're making some changes that will allow us to offer potential members more ways to pay.

Click here to read the full product update from Senior Project Manager, Jen Woof.




"We promised you something special for Valentine's Day and I think we delivered," says Email Marketing Manager, Matt Harman.

Innovation was the buzzword for February's CRM campaigns. A new free read and offer combination sent over Valentine's Day weekend led to asignificant uplift in upgrades and site engagement.

An experiment with 'flash offers' was also successful in its initial stages, and that's just one of the new techniques we're trialling to drive members back to your sites.

In March, we're continuing to test new campaigns. To read the full Comms round-up, click here




If you're heading to LeadsCon later this month, we want to hear from you.

We'll be heading to the lead generation conference from26-27 MarchFind VP North America, Gary Taylor, and VP Sales and Marketing, Glenn Millar, exhibiting at stand 436.

We hope to return with new insights on the latest trends in digital lead generation and online marketing, and look forward to sharing them with you soon.

To arrange a meeting at the event, get in touch.



If you have any questions about the topics covered in today's newsletter, please get in touch.

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