15 April, 2014

Final checklist for Bank Holiday optimisation!

Over a Bank Holiday weekend, we typically see a significant uplift in traffic. Here are our tip tips for optimising your campaigns ahead of Easter, plus we reveal our Partner of the Month!



The White Label Dating® partner team have put together their key pieces of advice for optimising your campaigns this weekend.

"To increase the number of back-links you have and improve your click-through-rates, create seasonal blog content that links Easter and dating." Tamsin.

"If a potential member hasn't clicked your ad after seeing it 5 times, they probably won't. Freshen up your advertising campaigns before the weekend to increase your chance of attracting new registrations." Sarah.

"Two extra days off work means that there'll be more people online. That means that ad impressions will be served. Increase spend for the weekend and allow additional budget where possible, to ensure maximum exposure." Kabs.

"Plan your marketing campaigns around the key dates throughout the year. Make plans for the next Bank Holiday now, so you have adequate time to prepare and upscale your activity." Ben.

"The trick is to think like your member over any public holiday. There are likely to be more people online, but only at certain times throughout the day. Use the data you have at your disposal in your AdWords accounts to your advantage." Dave.




Congratulations to Stuart Criddle, who is our Partner of the Month! Stuart has grown his business by an amazing 80% over the past year and has really pushed his dating brands over the last couple of months especially, with last month showing the highest number of basics he has ever driven.

Month-on-month, Criddle's total revenues have grown 12%, nearly increasing basics by 10%. His partner manager said: "Stuart is always responsive to feedback and consistently eager to grow. He deserves this accolade."

Congrats Stuart!



If you have further queries about prepping your dating business ahead of Easter, do get in touch with the team - they are here to help you, 7 days a week.

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