3 April, 2014

March comms round-up

With February and the madness that is Valentine’s Day behind us, it was back to business as usual for the comms team in March - a very welcome feeling!

At the start of March, we waved a warm goodbye to Email Marketing Manager, Sundeep, who is off to exciting pastures new after a successful three years in our team. We were sad to see him go but there was a silver lining as we welcomed Rachel to the team as our new Email Marketing Executive. Rachel started with a bang, getting to grips with a number of our regular campaigns in record time and putting forward some fantastic ideas for new campaigns!

The March comms programme launched with some geo-specific special offers for networks in Australia and New Zealand. The goal of this was to boost conversions as these territories head into Autumn.

With no time to slow down, we launched special campaigns for St Patrick's Day in Ireland, the UK and US, as well as preparing for Mothering Sunday at the end of the month in the UK. These two dates coincided with an end-of-month offer and free read session for all other networks. Together, this discount activity brought in a similar level of revenue to our successful Valentine's Day campaigns - proof that little-and-often can be just as effective as one gargantuan, high-profile campaign.


Offers aren't the end of the story though, and engagement is always important as the weather, at least here in the UK, improves and tempts users away from their computers and into the sun. So on top of our usual repertoire of featured members, profile incentives, message ideas and testimonials, we also jumped on the "selfie" bandwagon with a test campaign for members to win a prize for the best "selfie" profile photo. Such campaigns always generate an increase in photo submissions and so far the results are looking great.


We've also been supporting a number of partners optimising and re-structuring their site portfolios with migration and re-branding campaigns, cross-registration to different networks & niches and the development of some niche-based editorial content which we'll be rolling out over the coming month.

Matt Harman, Email Marketing Manager at White Label Dating®

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