3 December, 2014

Product update: profile experience, payments and Scamalytics

Here’s what our development team are working on at the moment…

Team Pi


Pi1. To broaden the spectrum of sites that use the new Profile Wizard.
2. To finalise message filtering on mobile.
3. To expand international and mobile FAQs.

In our last post, we told you about our progress with modifying some of the new Profile Wizard prototypes so that we can test them on a wider range of sites. The team are currently finalising designs for examples of photos that will aid members as they work their way through the wizard. These new designs will allow the new wizard can be used on more sites. Initial test results showed increased profile engagement among users so having the option to enable this feature across more sites is great news for your revenue.

The team are also getting close to completing the message filtering feature on mobile, which will continue to bring parity between the desktop and mobile user experience.

In addition, Pi has begun to re-evaluate the FAQs on our sites to make them more easily understandable in territories outside the UK. This should help us prepare the platform for our big US push and provide US users with a more seamless user experience.

Team Bolt



1. To improve the profile page.



Team Bolt are continuing their mission to further refine the profile page, working on improving the Encounters bar, uniforming the spacing between sections of the profile page and altering the size of the sidebar and main content section.

The team are also currently working on a Kanban rotation to address any small fixes and modifications that come up. One of their key priorities this sprint is to fine tune various areas of the platform in preparation for our US push.

That’s all for now, see you next time! If you have any questions about our latest product updates, please contact the partner team.

Ben AuYeung, ScrumMaster at White Label Dating®


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