27 April, 2015

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Learn more about our latest comms campaigns and how you can use cross-selling to monetise your non-converting traffic. Read on for more!


Cross-selling is the practice of creating new niche sites under one brand umbrella. There are hundreds of niches available on the White Label Dating platform, providing you with plenty of opportunities to create a site tailored to your members’ needs. If a niche site is relevant to them, members are more likely to upgrade and stay on the site for longer. Proven successful niches include senior, single parent, professional and casual dating.

To start cross-selling, you’ll need to design banner ads for the sites you want to promote. In your ad, make a point of demonstrating the USPs of the new niche site to pique potential members’ interest. The partner team will then set your ads to appear to members who fail to convert within a given timeframe. When the banner is live, you can track its performance using the Campaign Tracking tool in thePartner Portal to measure its effectiveness.

See Partner Manager, Tamsin’s, full guide to cross-selling with White Label Dating here >>>




In March, our comms team concentrated on targeting those members who hadn’t yet converted during the peak online dating months.

St Patrick’s Day is a worldwide celebration, so the holiday weekend began with a free read session which increased online members by two thirds. Building on the free read success, the team then launched an effective discount offer which contributed 35% to the weekend’s total upgrades.

Towards the end of the month, our team also released a timely payday discount offer. This offer targeted selected networks to increase upgrades by a third.

We also continued to boost US member engagement using regular free read sessions. Engagement should to add longevity to members' lifetimes.

See the full comms update blog here >>>



As a reminder, our customer care contact number is 0800 987 5555. If you display the customer care phone number on your site, please check that it’s up-to-date!

If you have any questions, please speak to the Partner Team.



If you have any questions about any today's newsletter or how to grow your dating business, get in touch with the partner team today.

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Hannah Flaherty
PR & Communications Manager
White Label Dating®

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