26 May, 2015

How to increase conversions & Partner of the Month

Find out how our comms campaigns performed throughout April, discover who is Partner of the Month and learn how to boost your conversion rates…



If you’re new to building a dating brand, or simply need a refresher, our guide to improving your member conversion rates is essential reading. From experience, we know that poor conversion rates are typically a reflection of low quality traffic.

In short, if you want to improve your conversion rate, you should improve the quality of your traffic and create clear ads that accurately describe thedating experience you’re offering. If you create ads that suggest your site is ‘totally free’, members are unlikely to want to upgrade. Use the Campaign Tracking tool in the Partner Portal to optimise your campaigns by testing different traffic sources.

For a smooth customer journey, ensure your landing page and ads have consistent imagery, designs and messaging. Always endeavour to approach customers in a way that’s relevant and clear.

Read more about how to increase your conversion rate here >>>




Throughout April our comms team aligned a number of offers with international, national and local events. The timely global Easter campaigns boosted the number of members online by an impressive 120%. There was also a 30% increase in upgrades during weekend’s time-limited discount campaign.

For the remainder of the month, promotions targeted country-specific events. Members across Australia and New Zealand enjoyed a free read and discount combination for ANZAC Day. The campaign successfully resulted in a 40% uplift in activity and a 20% increase in upgrades, while several free read sessions across US networks also doubled the number of members online. All in all a great month for our comms team!

For more details about how our comms team drove traffic back to your sites in April, check out our blog >>>




Simon has seen real growth across his portfolio in the first part of 2015, after working closely with hisPartner Manager, Whitney.

Within his portfolio of sites, Simon has two keyword-rich domains that achieve strong organic search rankings. In addition, he also has a solid PPC strategy in place; this successfully complements his SEO activity and enhances the strength of his keyword rich domains. Simon also recently refreshed his cross-selling strategy and implemented new banner ads, boosting his ability to monetise unconverted members. In just six months, the number of registrations across his portfolio increased by 65%!

By continuously optimising and reviewing his campaigns, Simon achieved an 81% increase in initial revenue alone, compared to his performance just six months ago.

Congratulations Simon, and thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to date!

Read more about Simon’s success here >>>



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Caroline Rashbrook
PR & Communications Executive
White Label Dating®

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