7 December, 2015

Enhancements to Campaign Tracking!

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve enhanced our White Label Dating Campaign Tracking tool!

Not only will the tool give you more insight into where your traffic comes from, but more importantly it will help us to take action against scammers by identifying where they come from, helping us to isolate them from real members.

To avoid losing any data and to take advantage of the additional traffic insight, it's essential that you replace your existing campaign tracking code with the new campaign tracking code by Monday 4th January. Read on to find out how to do it.

How does the tool work?

The changes we've made to the campaign tracking tool will allow you to track organic leads. You'll be able to identify which search terms are driving the most traffic and which are converting.

The tool will enable you to track three new sources within your campaign tracking reports. These sources will show the additional routes that visitors take to reach your site:

SEO - The source 'SEO' indicates the registrations that come from organic search. The campaign parameter will show you which search engine that the user visited from i.e. google.com, plus the search term itself.

REFERRER - If you're advertising on an external source and this is driving traffic to your site, then you'll see a new source called 'referrer' within campaign tracking. The campaign parameter will show the URL of the referring site i.e. 'Facebook.com'.

UNCLASSIFIED - The new 'unclassified' source references visits to your site that have not been referred from another site or source. Typically this will be visitors who come to your site directly by typing the URL into the nav bar. Scammers often visit via unclassified sources, which is why the improved tracking tool will help us to identify them, group them together and isolate them from real members.

How the tool will help you

The enhancements we've made to the campaign tracking tool will give you a better insight into where your traffic is coming from so you can track organic leads more accurately and therefore invest more in the search terms that are converting. This will allow you to allocate your spend more strategically as you will be able to identify which terms drive the most traffic and incorporate these into your existing SEO strategy.

The tool will also identify traffic driven from other sources which are currently untracked such as forums, Facebook mentions, blogs and more. Scammers often come from null traffic, so by allocating a source to these untracked leads we will able to identify them and separate them from real members which will help to remove them from your sites faster

How to set up the new tracking

To set up the new tracking, simply update the existing campaign tracking code with the new code below on your landing pages. This will not affect your existing campaigns or data within the Partner Portal, it will simply give you data from three additional sources.

There are two variables that you will need to amend within the WLD tracker code for each site, those are:

- wld_app_id (site ID)
- wld_app_url (app URL)

Download the new campaign tracking code here and benefit from this additional insight into your traffic!

If you have any questions about the enhancements we've made to the tracking tool or how to update your tracking code, get in touch with the partner team today.

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