14 December, 2015

More tips from White Label Dating on how prepare your Christmas campaigns!

Last week we shared our tips on how to prepare for the uplift in traffic at the busiest time of the year for online dating. Read on for more advice on how to optimise your campaigns to make the most of the uplift in Christmas traffic!

Think outside the box to create powerful marketing campaigns

Contemplate building a campaign around a popular search term that isn’t necessarily related to online dating.

For example, "Lonely this Christmas" is arguably one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time, with 28,000 searches in December last year alone. No ads currently appear alongside the search term on Google meaning that there would be no competition, and low bids, if you were to bid on this.

Structure your "Search term" in an advert relevant to your site. Make sure you include the same copy in all of your ads to maximise your click through rate. For example:

Lonely this Christmas?
Find love in your stocking this year
Browse profiles and join for free!

Complement your campaign with social media activity that mirrors the search term you’re targeting, e.g. #LonelyThisChristmas" with a link back to your site. You can also write content around that search term on your blog, e.g. "Top 10 ways to meet someone if you're lonely this Christmas".

Creating seasonal and engaging content that is shareable will give you maximum coverage and could increase your click through rate significantly.

Create festive social media & blog content

Add some Christmas spirit to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. Although audience engagement tends to drop around Christmas Day as people neglect online channels in favour of spending time with their family, engagement typically increases around New Year. Make the most of this by upping the ante with the volume of content you post.

Christmas is a time to add some festive content to your blog. Your posts could be about ‘surviving the holiday season as a singleton’ or ‘How to find love in the New Year’. Make sure your content is original, engaging and most importantly shareable.

Pre-schedule your posts ahead of time and focus on responding proactively to users who engage with your content.

If you have any questions about preparing your Christmas campaigns or creating engaging social media and blog content, get in touch with your partner manager today.

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