8 January, 2016

How to acquire quality traffic

The quality of your traffic can be determined by a number of different factors; the quality of your campaigns, your landing pages and the approach you take to targeting your traffic, for example, via keywords or niching your campaigns to specific territories. The source of your traffic also plays a part, however, your approach is vital in getting your traffic to convert.

To acquire high quality traffic, it’s important that you understand your site and its members. Understanding your audience will help you determine what type of member converts, meaning you can target them specifically knowing that you will see a greater return in revenue. The search terms that perform best are changing all the time. Regularly analyse your data stats so you know how your site is performing and what converts well. Use this knowledge to adjust your bids accordingly.

When you launch a new campaign, you need to have a clear idea of who you’re aiming to reach; for example, which gender, age range or location. When you’re certain that you have a good understanding of this, you should create and optimise ads and keywords to target this group.

Different audiences respond differently to variables of images, registration forms and even font. If you use just one landing page for various campaigns across different traffic sources, you may be missing out on high quality registrations. Trial multiple pages to achieve the highest conversion rates.

We recommend analysing your campaigns daily and weekly to keep on top of any changes to their performance. Although you need to keep on top of the data, make sure that you allow enough time for the traffic to convert - avoid editing bids daily.

Within the Campaign Tracking tool, you can see data for referrals, basic member conversions and full member conversions broken down by campaign, ad group and keywords. In addition, your Partner Manager can provide you with data broken down into greater detail, but by splitting this into gender and device, you can gain a better insight into the performance of your traffic.

If you have any questions about how analyse the performance of your traffic sources, get in touch with your Partner Manager today.     

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