4 February, 2016

Why you should focus your advertising spend on mobile

91% of smartphone owners have their device within arm's reach 24 hours a day, meaning that marketers have constant access to consumers. This presents a huge opportunity for advertisers as mobile is now the most important, and prevalent, screen in a consumer's day.

Although not many advertisers currently lead with a mobile advertising strategy, Widespace predict that mobile advertising will account for 66% of all digital advertising investment by 2018. Get ahead of the crowd by creating content specifically for mobile to ensure that your ads are tailored to reach your target market successfully.

Create content specifically for mobile

To be successful on mobile, you should take a mobile first approach. Create short and easy to understand creatives that are designed for people on their mobiles, rather than just snippets of a larger TV or desktop campaign. This will ensure that your ads are clear and can be easily understood.

Make use of video advertising

The more people are on their phones, the more advertisers have to do to get their attention. With the size and quality of mobile screens increasing every year, video is fast becoming the most important type of mobile content.

According to new research, using mobile video ads increases brand awareness by 10% and brand consideration by 37%, according to new research. Use this knowledge to your advantage by creating video ads that drive engagement and are effective in catching consumers’ attention.

Focus on quality

54% of video ads are never seen and many are blocked by ad blockers. To ensure that your ads get seen, focus on creating high quality content that is relevant and will grab consumers attention effectively.

To create successful video content, ensure that your ads are short, have clear messaging and communicate the desired message to your target market.

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