17 June, 2016

How to improve your site speed

What is your site speed?

When a user clicks on your site, you need to grab their attention and encourage them to sign up quickly. An eye catching and trustworthy landing page is important, but if your page loads slowly, you could miss out on valuable registrations. Nearly half of users expect a page to load within 2 seconds, and typically abandon a site that hasn’t loaded within 3 seconds.

Google PageSpeed Insights measures the performance of a page on mobile and desktop devices. It ranks your site between 0 to 100 points and a score above 85 indicates that your site is performing well. If you score lower than 85, it will tell you what changes you should make to improve your score.

Why is site speed important?

It’s important to test your page speed because if your page takes too long to load, your bounce rate could increase. This could then have a negative effect on your PageRank.

Google can see when you have tested your page speed and after all, it’s Google who decide where your site ranks. It’s important to look into the performance of your site, as this could be the difference between your site appearing above your competitors’ site in search rankings.

When making changes to your site, it’s important to remember that a faster site may increase consumer confidence in your brand which can increase your conversion rate.

How to improve it

When you enter your URL into the Google PageSpeed tool, it will show you your PageSpeed score and suggest improvements you could make so that your page loads more quickly. The tool will highlight the improvements by importance in green, amber and red. Green means there are no issues found, amber means there are fixes you should consider changing and red means it’s essential to make these fixes.

Once you’ve made some of the suggested improvements, you can search your URL again to see if your ranking has increased.

For any more questions on how to improve the speed of your site or for any more details, please get in touch with your Partner Manager.

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