29 July, 2016

July's Partner of the Month

Congratulations to this month’s Partner of the Month, Global Radio!

Smooth Singles landing page

Since June, Global Radio have been working closely with their new Partner Manager, Whitney, to identify areas they could improve on in a bid to boost registrations and revenue.

They were successful in increasing registrations across their portfolio by +15% in June and total revenue across their portfolio has increased by +7% (in comparison to the previous month)! June was their highest revenue generating month so far this year - this is a phenomenal achievement, particularly when considering that traffic and engagement typically slow down during the summer months.

This growth can largely be accredited to the success of Smooth Singles. The site has been performing extremely well and has benefitted from a +58% increase in registrations between May and June and a +15% increase in revenue from first time subscribers. This growth has continued throughout July; they’ve already seen a +67% increase in registrations and an impressive +47% increase in revenue from first time subscribers compared to last month!

The success of Hello You also attributed to the growth between May and June. The site saw an +11% growth in revenue from first time subscribers and a +9% growth in total revenue!

Off the back of their recent success, Global Radio are expanding their portfolio and launching a new site this month called 'Want to Meet’.

Congratulations Global Radio. Keep up the good work!

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