3 August, 2016

How to take advantage of Google’s Expanded Text Ads

Google have now launched their Expanded Text Ads feature. Although longer ads and double headlines were made available across all devices last week, existing ads written in the previous ad format will continue to run until later this year. This will enable advertisers to run A/B tests that analyse both.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Expanded Text ads...

More prominent headlines

You can now use two 30 character headlines, instead of one 25 character headline.

Longer description line

You can now use one consolidated 80 character description line, instead of two 35 character description lines.

The extra copy in the headline and description aim to provide mobile users with more information, giving them more motivation to click. Google have announced that results already show a 20% increase in click through rates.

Relevant display URL

Previously you needed to manually enter your display URL. This meant that any differences between your display, final and landing page URLs would mean that your ad wasn’t approved. To increase accuracy and efficiency, Google can now automatically extract your domain from your final URL.

What to do next

You should start migrating your existing ads into the new Expanded Ad Text format to take advantage of increased click through rates. We’d recommend that you A/B test both formats to help you establish your best practices for the new format. Consider using the longer character limit to highlight more information about what your site offers and its USPs.

Over the next few months, analyse your account performance closely for any changes to your performance as a result of these changes. You should also closely monitor any alerts you receive from AdWords which will notify you of any changes to your search ranking position. You can see how to set up these alerts here.

For more tips on how to construct your ads or how to improve your message, click here to see Google’s best practice guide.

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