22 August, 2016

How to target the Mature network effectively

When building your marketing strategy, it’s important to consider who your audience is. Different users have different needs and it’s important to understand what these are to cater to your target market effectively.

Here are some tips on how to cater to the Mature network...

Use appropriate imagery

Senior Dating Agency

Your landing page is the first thing your user will see when they reach your site, so it’s important to make a good first impression. Use age appropriate imagery to make your users feel welcome and comfortable. This will help encourage them to sign up as they will feel like they can relate to the site.

Senior Dating Agency have used an image of an older couple as their background image. The image is an accurate representation of the users on their site and it will help attract their target age group.

Tailored registration forms

Different registration forms will work better on different networks. A fully expanded registration form tends to work better for users on the Mature network than the 5-step registration form. The fully expanded form allows users to see all the information they are inputting clearly. There are less steps to click through and users can see what details are required from the start.

We’d recommend experimenting with different registration forms and implementing A/B tests to see which one is more effective at achieving registrations.

Effective domains

Your domain name should be short and easy to type. You want to make it something memorable and unique to help users remember your site.

When choosing your domain, make sure that it is relevant to the mature market by including keywords such as mature, senior, older etc. You can even be more specific by including age’s like 40s,50s,60s to show who you are targeting. Not only will this help with SEO, but it will help users identify your site as a Mature site.

Targeted advertising

By creating highly targeted ads, you can tailor your ad text to your audience. Sometimes a softer call to action can perform better to a mature audience so consider being less forceful in your ad content. Make sure your message is clear and avoid using colloquialisms or slang.

Testing the performance of your ads will show you what is most effective and drives the highest click-through rates.

Helpful blog content

Mature users tend to enjoy reading more detailed content and advice. Think about what older singles may be searching for online and base your content around that. You could fill your blog with helpful dating advice on ‘How to start dating again after divorce’ or ‘Tips on what to write in your dating profile’. Think of what is most relevant to your audience and create engaging content tailored for them.

Make sure that the font on your landing page and blog is easy to read and not too small. Subheadings are an effective way of organising information, therefore making it easier to read.

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