5 September, 2016

August comms round up

With a huge 450% increase in photo uploads last month, the comms team wanted to ensure this month’s comms campaigns were just as successful! From Olympic themed offers to Election Day featured members campaigns, here are just a few examples of what we sent to members throughout August.

Election Day featured members

On August 3rd, we sent out a themed featured members campaign to all South African networks to celebrate their Election Day! The response rate from members doubled in comparison to other non-themed campaigns.


Q&A prompt

We sent a prompt to all members on the General/Mature network on the 3rd August to remind them to fill out the question and answer section. It was a repeat of the campaign that we sent out in May and it increased answer submission by 67%!


Free read

To all US networks on 6th August, we sent out a two hour Free read offer to allow users to respond to members who had previously contacted when they might not have been online. This increased the number of active and online members by 50%!


Wink competition

On 10th August, across all networks, we sent out an Olympic themed campaign to encourage members to improve their profiles in order to become the most winked-at members for the week. We offered bronze (1 month), silver (3 months) and gold (six months) free memberships as prizes to the most winked-at members. This increased profile updates by 65%.


Looking For prompt

All mainstream networks were sent a Looking For prompt on 24th August. This served as a reminder to members to fill out the ‘Looking For’ tab to help them narrow down their search to find love. This increased ‘Looking For’ submissions by a huge 103%!


End-of-month offer

To encourage members to upgrade their membership, we offered discounted memberships at the end of the month. The campaign included reasons five reasons why members should upgrade, for example, “you’ll be able to send unlimited messages to all of our lovely singles”. This increased upgrades by 26%.


As summer comes to an end, we will be working on some more autumnal themed campaigns for September. Keep an eye out for these over the next month!


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