7 October, 2016

How you can benefit from segmenting your traffic

Segmenting traffic by setting up custom ad segments in Google Analytics will allow you to gain further insight into your traffic sources. You’ll be able to identify how different traffic sources are performing and which sources are driving the highest quality traffic to your site. This will allow you to make informed decisions about where to focus your time and spend.

Google Analytics will show you how your different traffic sources are performing but by using the segment builder, you can create custom segments that will tell you more about the behaviours, technology and demographic of your users.


For example, to gain more insight into the behaviours of your mobile users, you could set up custom segments to find out which users access your site through 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. You could even look at whether users are on pay monthly or pay as you go contracts. Typically, users with pay monthly contracts have more disposable income than those on pay as you go, so they may be more likely to pay for a dating subscription. You could also assume that users who access your site via Wi-Fi are sat down in either a restaurant, cafe or at home and could be more likely to engage than users on 3G/4G who are out and about. Segmenting your campaigns to this level will help you to optimise your ROI by only attracting the users most likely to convert.

This is just one example of how you can use your analytics to learn more about your traffic. You can then use this information to make smart decisions about which users to target to get the highest click through rates and to optimise for conversions.

You can also segment your traffic by location and use geo-location targeting to target users in a specific location. This can be particularly effective if you are running a location based site. For example, if your site is for singles in Manchester you could look at your analytics and segment your targeting by location so that you are only advertising to users in Manchester. This will prevent you from wasting ad spend on users in a different locations who won’t convert. Geo targeting allows you to optimise your campaigns to ensure your budget isn’t being eaten up by irrelevant clicks or impressions from traffic outside of your target location.

So that you can gain access to this level of analytics, create custom URLs for your marketing campaigns and traffic sources so that you can track where your traffic is coming from. For more information about how to do this, read Google’s advice here or get in touch with the Partner team.

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