10 November, 2016

Setting up a cross registration matrix

A successful cross registration strategy can help you earn additional revenues from your portfolio by cross registering non-converted traffic to other sites in your portfolio. To help you maximise these opportunities, we’d advise you to create a cross registration matrix.

This is a spreadsheet that lists every site in your portfolio, how many basic registrations the site gets every month and the details of which sites you are advertising in which spots. This will help you prioritise which sites you should be focusing on, as well as providing you with a clear, visual representation of which members are being cross sold to where.

Cross registration matrix

The example shows a portfolio of six sites, ranked in order of how many basic registrations they generate. The main brand ‘Singles’ has five other niches under its brand umbrella. Mature, professional, cuddly, divorced and casual are five core niches that should be at the centre of every diverse portfolio.

It’s common to show the same cross registration banner in both the site footer as the email footer, however, as you can see from the example, it’s not necessary. We’d advise you to continue testing which cross registration banners drive the most conversions and in which spots until you find a successful cross registration mix.

If you have any questions about how to set up a cross registration matrix, the Partner team will be more than happy to help you.

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