1 December, 2016

November’s Partner of the Month

Congratulations to this month’s Partner of the Month, Adaptation Dating!

Phil Harris is a long standing White Label Dating partner who has developed a broad portfolio over the years. He has taken full advantage of the growth in Australia and post-Brexit exchange rates to really grow his account in this territory, using both paid acquisition strategies as well as driving organic traffic.

His portfolio continues to show growth year on year, increasing his revenue from first time subscribers by +26% month on month! This month, he achieved a +11% increase in total revenue.

Over the last few months, with the help of his Partner Manager Chris, Phil has been working hard to optimise his click to registration rate by implementing split tests on his landing pages. He’s implemented tests on all of his top sites, trialling different imagery, registration forms and different registration prompts such as countdown timers. This work has helped to improve his click to registration rate, boosting growth on his account.

Congratulations again Phil, keep up the good work!

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