12 September, 2017

September Partner of the Month

Congratulations to our September Partner of the Month, Digital Dudes!

Digital Dudes have continuously worked on strengthening their portfolio and have seen constant grow month on month as a result of their efforts. With exceptional performance in August, they’ve seen an increase in daily initial revenue of +13.9%. This steady growth in both registrations and revenue has allowed them to increase their budget and continue optimising their campaigns to further improve their return on investment.

Over the last couple of months, Digital Dudes have focused on a new territory for them and launched a variety of new sites, which they plan to grow steadily over the coming months, across a wide range of niches and audiences.

As well as working on new sites, Digital Dudes have also created new landing pages and cross registration banners for their current placements, which has increased their click to registration rate and volume of new registrations.

Their hard work is paying off - they’ve seen an increase in their daily basics of +9.2%, an increase in 7 day conversion by +9.2% and an increase in initial daily count of +13.9%.

Digital Dudes are always working hard on new and exciting projects with their Partner Manager, Richard, to achieve growth and we’re thrilled with the results they’re seeing. Keep up the good work guys!

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Monthly Newsletter - September 2020

23 September, 2020

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