12 October, 2017

October Partner of the Month

Congratulations to our October Partner of the Month - SNRG Ventures!

SNRG Ventures have been a White Label Dating partner for a long time but recently took some time out to work on other projects. Now they’re back with a bang and are doing a fantastic job of reinvigorating their portfolio of sites.

Darian and Brian, the brains behind SNRG Ventures, have worked hard on developing a well structured and thought out plan of action to improve the look of their sites as well as working on their paid acquisition.

Over the last couple of months, they’ve pushed really hard to increase their traffic volume. This has allowed them to expand their knowledge of what works well and what they can optimise to increase their return on investment (ROI).

Their hard work really is paying off. Between July ‘17 and September ‘17, SNRG saw a +113% increase in their daily basics, a +51% increase in their daily initials and a +58% increase in their revenue growth.

It’s great to see partners pushing hard to achieve great results - we look forward to seeing what comes next for SNRG Ventures over the coming months.

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