5 January, 2018

Our first Partner of the Month for 2018

A huge congratulations goes to... Lyndon Ogden!

Since becoming a White Label Dating partner, Lyndon has mainly focussed on niched age related dating sites and towards the end of last year, he launched the most recent site to his portfolio, www.over70datingsite.co.uk/.

Lyndon has implemented the background customisation to all of his sites and he’s also applied a new template to all of his sites to build a recognisable theme.

His marketing strategy is focussed solely around SEO and last year he saw a 38% increase in initial cash in December vs November.

www.casualdatingsite.co.uk is Lyndons highest performing site which generates 100% more revenue than his second best performing site!

We’ve seen some great results from Lyndon’s portfolio over the last couple of months and we can’t wait to see what’s to come - great job!

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