22 February, 2019

New Anti-Bot Technology Deployed

New Anti-Bot Technology Deployed

For more than a decade, we have taken an active approach to managing scammers and bots through our partnership with Scamalytics. During that time we have identified and removed millions of malicious accounts which targeted the WLD platform.

In recent weeks however we have seen an unprecedented amount of malicious bot traffic targeting our platform. We believe the goal of these bots is to harm our business and that of our partners.

We have now deployed a range of anti-bot technologies designed to eliminate bot traffic from creating accounts on the WLD platform and other hostile activity - furthermore we will be sharing our findings with other leading online dating companies to help eliminate fraudulent bot traffic in the online dating industry.

For obvious reasons we cannot provide detail on this technology but after testing it is clear that we have significantly reduced the bot activity across the platform. As a result of this, partners may see a meaningful reduction of registrations to their sites which came from these bots - however, revenues should be unaffected (these bots did not upgrade) and indeed we expect revenues to improve as a result of significantly improved email deliverability and metrics generally.

As the industry leader in white label dating, we will continue to utilise the latest technologies and techniques to protect our partner revenues and our member experience.

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