19 June, 2019

WLD confirms strong and reliable same-day conversion

WhiteLabelDating.com highlights impressive increases across the platform, focusing on enhanced conversion rates

In recent weeks you’ll have noticed our focus on enhanced conversion rates. We highlighted magnificent increases across the WLD platform earlier this year - to include the highest peaks we’ve seen! Same-day conversion, in particular, has remained consistently strong and reliable and we’re thrilled with our new sustained norm that continues to present itself.

The WLD platform’s reliable same-day conversion started with our strong approach to improve our bot-mitigation strategy, as well as fantastic optimisation efforts from WLD partners. As a result, the quality of traffic across the platform has improved and partners continue to benefit from increased revenues.

We’ll continue to monitor platform performance, utilising the latest technologies to enhance the user experience and protect our partner’s revenues.

Get in touch with our partner team today for more information about growing your dating revenues with WLD.

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