4 July, 2019

Decrease costs and maximise profits from online dating

This week Dave Adams, White Label Dating’s Head of Business Development and Account Management, kicked off our first in a series of webinars on how to help partners optimise their acquisition strategy.

In recent weeks our partner team have been actively working to help review all partner's dating portfolios with the aim of supporting campaign optimisation and decreasing costs, through demographic and device specific analysis. This saw extremely positive results which lead our partner team to drill down even further - as deep as member level - to help maximise partners profits.

Dave Adams, our host of yesterday’s webinar, shared his knowledge on how to help partners optimise their acquisition strategy to make the most out of every pound spent.

The webinar shows you:

  • How to achieve growth through optimisation as a result of data analysis Renewed approach to campaign tracking analysis that we deliver to our partners helping to reduce costs (CPL’s) and maximise profits
  • How to identify traffic that generates ROI and profit Looking at ROIs of specific sources and paid campaigns (Bing/Google and others) and drilling down to a keyword/placement level
  • How to identify ‘perfect members’ that give the best ROI on a site, source and campaign level Identifying partners ‘perfect member’ by portfolio and site focusing on gender, age, device

Our webinar is now available to view on-demand. You can watch and download the full recording here.

Stay tuned for details on our next webinar!

Get in touch with our partner team today to request your bespoke reports and find out more about what our Partner Team can do for partners joining WLD.

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