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    Ready, set, go! Online dating's peak period starts now

    26 December, 2019
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    Optimise your Google Ads

    17 September, 2019
  • Topics: Marketing, Blog Article

    Improve your landing page conversion rate with A/B testing

    3 September, 2019
  • Topics: Marketing, Blog Article

    Why your SEO strategy is so important right now

    15 July, 2019

    If you’ve noticed a change in your site's search engine ranking or the traffic it receives, a recent algorithm update from Google might be the cause.

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    Tips on marketing your dating site to an American audience, from an American

    19 July, 2017

    This blog post was written by Hayley Matthews, Editor-in-Chief at

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    SEO trends you should know about

    7 July, 2017

    Spending time developing your SEO strategy is a crucial part to improving your profitability. We’ve seen partners go from strength to strength after increasing their SEO efforts and they believe that this is now just as important as their paid acquisition. SEO trends are constantly changing to keep in line with technology developments - we never know what changes Google are going to make next!

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    Which tools you should be using to boost your SEO

    23 June, 2017
  • Topics: Marketing, Blog Article

    Why your SEO strategy is so important right now

    16 June, 2017

    Now is the time to be investing in your SEO strategy as having a strong organic ranking will help you remain competitive, prevent you losing leads to competitors and increase your margin. Over the next month, we're going to be sharing with you a series of SEO to increase your ranking.

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    Four PPC tips for beginners

    21 April, 2017
  • Topics: Marketing, Blog Article

    Why you should diversify your traffic sources

    18 January, 2017
  • Topics: Marketing, Blog Article

    Preparing your campaigns for Christmas

    20 December, 2016
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    How to use Google’s Search Console to grow your organic traffic

    14 December, 2016

    Google’s Search Console is a free SEO tool that helps you understand how Google crawls, indexes and analyses your site. It will tell you how your search traffic is doing, which keywords you’re ranking for, how many impressions you’re getting on your pages and where you have errors on your site.

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    How to improve your Klout Score

    23 November, 2016
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    How to collaborate with bloggers and vloggers

    14 November, 2016

    If you’re working with a small marketing budget, collaborating with bloggers or vloggers can be an effective way of marketing your site.

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    Setting up a cross registration matrix

    10 November, 2016
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    Upcoming calendar dates you should know about

    23 September, 2016

    From Halloween to Thanksgiving, there are a number of calendar events coming up over the next few months that you can take advantage of! Use them as an opportunity to create engaging marketing campaigns to entice and engage new users.

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    How working with bloggers can be valuable for your dating business

    14 September, 2016

    Blogs rank among the top five “most trustworthy” sources of information on the internet. This gives bloggers an enormous amount of influence over purchase behaviour and brand reputation as people who follow bloggers tend to relate to them and trust their opinions.

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    How to know which social media channels to use

    26 August, 2016

    The number of active people on social media is growing year on year. This makes platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram excellent marketing channels for your site.

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    How to target the Mature network effectively

    22 August, 2016

    When building your marketing strategy, it’s important to consider who your audience is. Different users have different needs and it’s important to understand what these are to cater to your target market effectively.

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    How to improve your Quality Score

    18 August, 2016

    Where your ad is shown on the page in relation to other ads is calculated using how much you bid and the quality of your ads and website. Google rewards advertisers who provide the best experience to searchers. This means that even if your competitor has higher bids than yours, you can still win a higher position at a lower price by using highly relevant keywords and ads.

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    How to make your visual content more effective

    14 July, 2016

    Our commercial team is made up of designers, digital marketers and developers - all experts in their fields and experienced in building effective dating sites. They run our own commercial sites on the White Label Dating platform like and

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    How YouTube advertising can drive high quality traffic to your site

    4 May, 2016

    With over a billion users, YouTube should not be overlooked as a viable advertising and acquisition channel.

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    How to drive high quality traffic to your site through paid search: part 2

    20 April, 2016

    Following on from last week’s advanced PPC tips, we asked some experts for their top tips on how to drive high quality traffic to your site through PPC. Here’s some of their advice...

  • Topics: Marketing, Guide

    How to drive high quality traffic to your site through paid search

    14 April, 2016

    Pay per click (PPC) advertising is an effective way of driving traffic to your site. However, as well as driving large volumes of traffic, you want to ensure that you’re driving high quality users to your site.

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    How to build a content marketing strategy to help grow your online dating business

    11 April, 2016

    To help you build an effective content marketing strategy, our friends at We Love Dates have shared some expert tips and advice with us through this guest article. Read on to find out how to grow your online dating business...

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    Social media feature changes you should know about

    4 April, 2016

    As a marketer, it’s important to stay up to date with new digital trends, especially when social media platforms adapt their features and introduce new tools so regularly.

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    Introducing the Periodic Table of SEO success factors

    29 March, 2016

    The SEO periodic table, created by Search Engine Land, is an extremely useful tool in helping marketers understand the fundamental components of a successful SEO strategy. The Table identifies the most important SEO ranking factors, as well as including best practices that can lead to success with search engines and potential customers.

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    Improving your organic search ranking: part 2

    18 March, 2016

    Following on from last week’s tips on improving your organic search ranking, here are a few more...

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    How the over 40s use online dating sites

    11 March, 2016

    White Label Dating partner,, recently carried out some research into how the over 40s use online dating sites. Here are some of their key findings, paired with our advice on how to use this information to successfully target this demographic.

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    How to improve your organic search ranking

    9 March, 2016

    Google has recently removed all PPC ads from the right-hand side of the search engine results page. The full results page now absorbs the ads at the top of search rankings. Although the change has made paid ads more visible, competition for these spots has increased as only four ads are shown at the top of the page.

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    Prepare your campaigns for Easter and Mother’s Day!

    24 February, 2016

    Although we’ve reached the end of online dating’s busy season, it’s important to remember that there’s always another seasonal event around the corner.

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    Top social media marketing tools

    22 February, 2016

    Social media trends are constantly changing and there are a number of tools available to help you increase the efficiency with which you manage your social media campaigns and maximise engagement.

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    Why you should be using video marketing

    11 February, 2016

    Through YouTube, Vine, Vimeo and Snapchat, video has quickly become an easily digestible way to consume content.

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    Why you should focus your advertising spend on mobile

    4 February, 2016

    91% of smartphone owners have their device within arm's reach 24 hours a day, meaning that marketers have constant access to consumers. This presents a huge opportunity for advertisers as mobile is now the most important, and prevalent, screen in a consumer's day.

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    How to market your site (the basics)

    29 January, 2016

    When you’ve successfully launched your first site on the White Label Dating platform, it’s time to start marketing. Your marketing strategy will depend on your site, audience, domain and budget so be sure to take all of these factors into account.

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    Beginners guide to PPC

    25 January, 2016

    Pay-per-click, or PPC, is an internet advertising model in which you pay online publishers to drive traffic to your site, often by bidding on keywords or key terms. Google’s sponsored ad sections are a good example of where you might set up a PPC campaign to increase the volume of traffic being driven to your landing page. PPC should be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy for your dating site.

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    What you need to know about Twitter’s conversational ads

    20 January, 2016

    Earlier this month, Twitter launched a new advertising tool to help brands to extend their presence across Twitter. The new ad format makes it even easier for consumers to engage with and spread a brand’s campaign message.

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    Preparing your campaigns for Valentine’s Day

    14 January, 2016

    This year, to capitalise on a time when consumers are more prepared to spend, we’re advising you to catch consumers attention by thinking outside of the box with your marketing campaigns. Instead of creating a generic Valentine’s Day campaign, why not help your users celebrate being single by building your campaign around Single’s Awareness Day.

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    How to acquire quality traffic

    8 January, 2016

    The quality of your traffic can be determined by a number of different factors; the quality of your campaigns, your landing pages and the approach you take to targeting your traffic, for example, via keywords or niching your campaigns to specific territories. The source of your traffic also plays a part, however, your approach is vital in getting your traffic to convert.

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    How to cross-sell successfully

    23 December, 2015

    What is cross-selling?

  • Topics: Marketing, Product Updates

    How to increase your conversion rate

    17 December, 2015

    One of the main reasons members don’t convert from a basic membership to a paying membership is because poor quality traffic is being driven to your site. By providing high quality advertising to the right people in the right places, members will be more likely to pay for the service.

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    More tips from White Label Dating on how prepare your Christmas campaigns!

    14 December, 2015

    Last week we shared our tips on how to prepare for the uplift in traffic at the busiest time of the year for online dating. Read on for more advice on how to optimise your campaigns to make the most of the uplift in Christmas traffic!

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    SEO: the basics

    1 December, 2015

    What is SEO?

  • Topics: Marketing, Product Updates

    Tips from White Label Dating on how to prepare your Christmas campaigns!

    1 December, 2015

    We’re about to head into the busiest time of the year for online dating! With a natural uplift in traffic running from December until the end of February, it’s essential that you start preparing your christmas campaigns now to take advantage!

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    The importance of internal linking for SEO practices

    25 November, 2015

    Internal linking is an important SEO tactic, that will also help you optimise your pages for your users.

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    New social media tools for marketers

    19 November, 2015

    Social media platforms change fast, providing marketers with new opportunities to showcase their creativity and show that they are on top of the latest trends.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Understanding where to invest your time across a vast portfolio

    13 November, 2015

    For those of you who have extensive portfolios, it can be really hard to know which sites and brands to invest your time in to achieve a good return on investment.

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    How to use Campaign Tracking

    6 November, 2015

    Campaign Tracking is an essential tool to help you measure the success of your marketing campaigns. You can find this tool on your main dashboard when you log in to the White Label Dating Partner Portal.

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    The benefits of Google AdWords cross-device conversion tracking

    5 November, 2015

    With 90% of consumers using a combination of mobile, tablet and desktop devices to complete a purchase, putting accurate tracking in place is really important for advertisers.

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    How to find a good freelance designer or developer

    30 October, 2015

    A good landing page can make your brand attractive to consumers by giving it personality, highlighting its quality and allowing you to communicate with new visitors. Whilst the post-registration/login area of the site is designed and hosted by White Label Dating, landing page design is the responsibility of the individual partner.

  • Topics: Marketing, Product Updates

    Useful tools for White Label Dating partners

    12 October, 2015

    Staying up to date with the latest trends and technology is crucial if you want to achieve success with your digital marketing campaigns. We’ve put together a list of useful tools that we think could support your existing digital marketing strategies.

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    Launching your first White Label Dating site: the basics

    25 September, 2015

    Before you can launch your first site on the White Label Dating platform, there a few things you need to do first. Remember, it’s absolutely free to set up a site.

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    Instagram advertising: everything you need to know

    16 September, 2015

    With more than 300 million users worldwide and 14 million in the UK, Instagram’s engaged audience makes it a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness.

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    How to grow to your brand with social media marketing

    7 August, 2015

    Social media channels can help you successfully reach worldwide audiences of all demographics in a highly targeted way, making them the perfect strategic marketing tool.

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    Celebrating the gay marriage ruling

    10 July, 2015

    To celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling to legalise Gay marriage in the USA, we’re offering White Label Dating partners a 75% revenue share for three months on all Gay sites launched by 7th August.

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    Avoiding common remarketing mistakes

    16 June, 2015

    Our May comms campaigns increased conversion by around 50%, after sending member engagement levels sky high. Read on to learn more and to find out how to avoid common remarketing mistakes.

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    Changes to Google Adwords

    8 June, 2015

    From 1st July, Google will change the way that you input tracking information to your ad URLs with a new feature called ‘Upgraded URLs’.

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    How to increase conversions & Partner of the Month

    26 May, 2015

    Find out how our comms campaigns performed throughout April, discover who is Partner of the Month and learn how to boost your conversion rates…

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    Using Twitter Analytics to improve your engagement

    13 May, 2015

    If you’re using Twitter to drive traffic and boost brand awareness, the data available in Twitter Analytics could help you improve your engagement levels.

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    How to convert your members: the basics

    8 May, 2015

    If you have a low conversion rate and your basic members aren’t upgrading, that’s typically because you’re sending poorly targeted traffic to your site. You can combat this with a few simple steps that create a consistent user journey from your marketing campaigns to your site.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Taking advantage of bank holiday traffic this weekend

    1 May, 2015

    Take advantage of the uplift in traffic this bank holiday weekend, and learn how to use ad networks as a successful traffic source. Read on for more!

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Using ad networks to successfully gain traffic

    30 April, 2015

    Ad networks act like a matchmaker between advertisers and those websites wanting to host ads. They enable you to market your dating sites across a high volume of traffic. Here’s our beginner’s guide to making the most of this traffic source.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Best practice guide for automated posts

    29 April, 2015

    Automating your social media accounts can be tricky thing to master but when you get it right, it can be an effective way of growing your community and driving traffic to your site. To help you get started, we created a best practice guide for any partners who are considering using this as part of their social media strategy.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    The latest partner advice and news

    27 April, 2015

    Learn more about our latest comms campaigns and how you can use cross-selling to monetise your non-converting traffic. Read on for more!

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Monetise your non-converting traffic with cross-selling

    24 April, 2015

    Cross-selling (or cross-registration) is a good way to offer your existing members a targeted alternative site,  giving them a second opportunity to convert while remaining within your portfolio.

  • Topics: Marketing

    How to build a recognisable brand

    23 April, 2015

    Good branding is what makes your brand memorable - it’s what gets people talking. With so many dating sites on the market, having a recognisable brand will help you stand out against competitors. A strong brand identity also inspires more consumer trust and could increase your conversion rate.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Facebook's business app & Instagram for dating brands

    7 April, 2015

    This week, why not take some time to consider enhancing your marketing strategy, read our guides to harnessing the power of Instagram and blogger engagement for your dating brands...

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Our guide to working with bloggers

    2 April, 2015

    Over the last few months, we’ve noticed an increasing number of partners abandoning traditional methods of PR. Instead, working in collaboration with bloggers. As blogger (or influencer) engagement is still a relatively new marketing method, we’ve put together a rough guide to navigating the nuances to build a relationship that’s beneficial both for your brand and the bloggers you work with.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    A beginner's guide to Instagram for dating sites

    2 April, 2015

    Creating a branded Instagram page could help you build your brand and connect with potential customers in a cost-effective way. For those of you who don’t know, Instagram is an image-sharing app that boasts a highly engaged audience. The app has over 300 million users worldwide.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    The latest news from White Label Dating

    30 March, 2015

    This week we're unveiling the Partner of the Month, detailing the benefits of good copy and looking at mobile-friendly search rankings. Read on for more.. 

  • Topics: Marketing

    Google to reward mobile-friendly sites

    27 March, 2015

    Google recently announced that from 21 April, mobile-friendliness will become a stronger ranking signal for organic searches. Here’s a quick overview of the changes.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    How to improve your web copy to achieve a higher conversion rate

    18 March, 2015

    Good copy and strong calls-to-action (CTA) can significantly increase your conversion rate and reduce the number of visitors that land on your site and leave without registering. To help you improve your copy, here’s a collection of our best pieces of advice.

  • Topics: Marketing

    Making the most of hashtags on Twitter

    12 March, 2015

    Utilising Twitter as part of your site’s marketing strategy can help build your brand, reach new audiences and increase your organic search ranking. Here are our tips for increasing the reach of your tweets by using hashtags effectively.

  • Topics: Marketing

    Netiquette for your site’s social media presence

    6 March, 2015

    If you're using social media marketing to reach potential new members, it's essential that you're using the right netiquette to protect your reputation and grow your followers. 

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    7 steps to improve your landing page conversion rate

    19 February, 2015

    To achieve the maximum conversion rate for your site, it’s essential to utilise landing page split tests. Partner Manager, Dave, explains how to get started in seven simple steps.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Getting social media right for Valentine’s Day

    5 February, 2015

    With around 15 million singles in the UK alone, the Valentine’s Day period is one of the busiest times for the online dating industry. Over 60% of UK singles are looking for a serious relationship and last year, we saw a 15% increase in new registrations over the Valentine’s period.

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    UK content filters: what you need to know

    28 January, 2015

    Last week, both Sky and TalkTalk announced that their respective online content filtering services would be switched on by default for all users from the end of January.

  • Topics: Industry, Marketing

    National Radio Conference round-up

    21 October, 2014

    Jo Hardcastle, Business Development Manager at White Label Dating, attended the 2014 National Radio Conference was in Melbourne last Friday.

  • Topics: Industry, Marketing

    Meet White Label Dating at National Radio Conference, Melbourne

    6 October, 2014

    Next week, Jo Hardcastle, Business Development Manager at White Label Dating, will be heading down under to attend the 2014 National Radio Conference in Melbourne.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    3 tips for creating a successful video ad campaign

    29 September, 2014

    White Label Dating® gold partner, Kevin Gibbons, has recently launched an online ad campaign for his WeLoveDates brand. Kevin tells us about the campaign and offers his advice on how to get the best return from video advertising.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    UK Dating Awards: deadline approaching

    26 September, 2014

    The deadline for the first round of the inaugural UK Dating Awards is approaching! Entries close on 30th September. Enter your sites now.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Facebook ads: Early learnings

    19 September, 2014

    Next month, Platinum and Gold White Label Dating® partners will have the opportunity to hear from the Facebook dating team directly at this year’s Partner Conference. They’ll learn how to become an approved advertiser, as well as some best practice techniques. Ahead of that session, we share our learnings from running Facebook Ads for

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Success on social: Think outside the box

    15 September, 2014

    White Label Dating® Silver Partner, Jonathan Bird, has built an impressive social community for his Singles Warehouse brand and is always looking for new ways to continue its growth. Today, Jonathan shares the details of one of his most recent social campaigns and tells us what he learnt.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Cost effective SEO techniques

    8 September, 2014

    Whether you’re new to online marketing or you’re an established White Label Dating partner, the concept of achieving a good organic ranking for your new site can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be as time consuming or costly as you may think. Partner Manager, Alex Robertson, tells us more...

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    A day in the life of a ScrumMaster

    3 September, 2014

    As part of our new series, I took over the White Label Dating® Facebook page last Friday to give an insight into the hard work that goes towards maintaining our award winning platform. Here's what I got up to...

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Google update: HTTPS now a ranking signal

    28 August, 2014

    In an effort to increase web security, Google have updated their search algorithm to take HTTPS encryption into consideration when calculating pagerank.

  • Topics: Industry, Marketing

    UK Dating Awards: enter now!

    26 August, 2014

    This year sees the launch of the inaugural UK Dating Awards! Enter your sites now.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    A day in the life of the White Label Dating team

    11 August, 2014

    A lot of work goes into running a 24 hour dating business. As part of a new series, our team will be sharing their days with you to show you what goes on behind the scenes at White Label Dating® HQ to keep your dating businesses running. Last week, Head of White Label Dating®, Lauren, took to our Facebook page to share snaps of her day! Here’s a more detailed look at what she got up to...

  • Topics: Marketing

    Developing your portfolio with cross-registration

    31 July, 2014

    Cross-registration (or cross-selling) allows you to monetise your existing non-converting traffic by offering basic members an alternative, more tailored site within your portfolio. You can set up cross-registration by placing banners within the application, in email communications and on mobile.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Your July cheat sheet!

    25 July, 2014

    When you work in a world that moves as fast as dating, any tools that could increase your productivity are invaluable.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    3 ways to optimise your PPC campaigns

    11 July, 2014

    Nuria Gonzalez, PPC Specialist at White Label Dating®, shares details of a few techniques to enhance your campaigns.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Product update: Campaign Tracking verification reports

    4 July, 2014

    Our latest product update will help you monitor the quality of your traffic sources, so that you can optimise your campaigns and maximise your marketing spend.

  • Topics: Marketing, Blog Article

    3 ways to optimise your PPC campaigns

    24 June, 2014

    Nuria Gonzalez, PPC Specialist at White Label Dating®, shares details of a few techniques to enhance your campaigns.

  • Topics: Industry, Marketing, Partners

    What we learnt at Google HQ

    19 June, 2014

    Last week, the White Label Dating® Partner team headed to Google HQ to gain access to exclusive insights about the latest Google product updates. This was a particularly momentous visit as it was our first meeting with Google since we became an official Google Partner!

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Singles 247 launch a new TV campaign

    16 June, 2014

    Carl Christensen is the latest White Label Dating® partner to launch a TV advert for his site. The month long campaign for Singles247 kicked off last week.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    The latest updates to boost your revenue

    10 June, 2014

    NEW FEATURES TO BOOST ENGAGEMENT AND REVENUE The White Label Dating® product team have released a number of features to boost site engagement and revenue so far this month.

  • Topics: Marketing

    How White Label Dating® became a Google Partner

    4 June, 2014

    One of the things that sets White Label Dating® apart from its competitors is our account management team. The team of 11 are available seven days a week to support our network of over 1,700 international partners.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Cheat Sheet!

    23 May, 2014

    It’s always good to hear of handy tools and resources that can help work flow better. This week, I’ve asked the team for their latest tips, help and advice from the World Wide Web, to hopefully save a few minutes of your time!

  • Topics: Marketing, Blog Article

    Getting started with ad networks

    7 May, 2014

    Advertising (or ad) networks connect advertisers to sites that want to host ads. They give site owners the opportunity to market their sites across a wide portfolio of sites with a high volume of traffic.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Final checklist for Bank Holiday optimisation!

    15 April, 2014

    Over a Bank Holiday weekend, we typically see a significant uplift in traffic. Here are our tip tips for optimising your campaigns ahead of Easter, plus we reveal our Partner of the Month!

  • Topics: Marketing

    Start planning your Easter campaigns now!

    31 March, 2014

    In case you hadn't realised, the Easter Bank Holiday is just three weeks away!

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    How to successfully market your niche dating site

    14 March, 2014

    Why should you launch a niche site? successfully

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Product updates, mobile dating and charity work

    28 February, 2014

    The team at White Label Dating® have been busy as ever working on new product developments and sourcing new insights to help you grow your dating business.

  • Topics: Industry, Marketing

    Matthew Pitt’s take on mobile dating

    25 February, 2014

    Matthew Pitt, Operations Director at White Label Dating® services, gave Mobile Entertainment Magazine his take on how dating businesses can capitalize on the increasing volume of mobile dating traffic.

  • Topics: Marketing, Partners

    Welcoming a new Platinum Partner!

    31 January, 2014

    We are delighted to unveil the appointment of our newest Platinum Partner as Plentymore LLP!

  • Topics: Marketing, Blog Article

    Google Webinar: Advanced Search Strategies

    24 January, 2014

    We have arranged another exclusive webinar with Google for White Label Dating® partners on Wednesday 5th February at 3.00pm GMT.

  • Topics: Marketing

    The busiest time in the dating calendar: the results

    2 January, 2014

    Christmas and New Year are typically the busiest time in the dating calendar. 2013 was no exception.

  • Topics: Marketing

    Planning new year campaigns

    18 December, 2013

    As Christmas and New Year approach, it’s important to remember that we are in the middle of the dating industry’s ‘peak time’.

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