21 August, 2019

Broaden your acquisition strategy to maximise conversions and scale profitably

Do you need some ideas to help expand your acquisition strategy? Join White Label Datings Head of Business Development and Account Management, Dave Adams, as he takes you through how to broaden your acquisition strategy to maximise conversions and scale profitably.


What will you learn?

  • How to broaden your acquisition using new sources to reach new audiences
  • How to broaden your current acquisition strategy in new networks and territories
  • How to prioritise which channels you spend your time on
  • How to scale quickly and profitably

Building an effective strategy doesn’t need to be difficult. Our host, Dave Adams, will be helping you to broaden your strategy to maximise conversions and help scale your business profitably. The dating market is constantly evolving so it’s vital to explore untapped areas and trial new sources to maximise your ROI.

Join us on 4th September @ 3 PM and have your questions answered live.

Can’t make it? Register anyway and we’ll send you the recording followed by the presentation as soon as it’s ready.

For more information about our webinar get in touch with your account manager or reach out to partnersupport@whitelabeldating.com today.


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