25 March, 2022

How to Write Meta Tags (Titles and Descriptions) for SEO

Meta tags are a part of the HTML code (HTML tags) for your website and describe any page's content to the search engine crawlers.  Meta tags are essential to all search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Duck Duck Go, and Bing.

The phrasing "meta tag" makes it sound like these work behind the scenes away from the reader's eyes. After all, that's the case with meta keywords. However, the title and tight summary you see on a SERP are often pulled from how the writer set up their title tags and meta descriptions.

Meta TitleMeta tags help the search engines understand, and index your web pages better and can improve your organic search rankings. Some tags, like the title and meta description, also help users understand your page's content better and can improve your click rates via the SERP.

How to Write Title Meta Tags for SEO

Here are some best practices to write title meta tags for your web pages.

  • Do not write title meta tags longer than 60 characters.
  • Add modifiers—such as how-to, tips, join, find, top, etc.—to your title tag.
  • Titles with numbers work better, the same is true for title tags as well.
  • Insert your primary keyword in the title tag, preferably right at the beginning.
  • Write a unique title tag for each page.
  • If you have a well-known brand, then you can add your brand name to your title tags to get more clicks.

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