2 June, 2021

The revenue our partners are generating per acquired member has increased by +29%!

We're helping partners to improve how much initial revenue they generate from each member acquired from their paid advertising campaigns. This is the volume of new subscription revenue excluding the revenue from their repeat revenues coming as a result of the successful subscription based model (when adding the repeat revenues, these numbers increase significantly!) 

Following a number of product enhancements and releases including a new modular registration form (which has increased click to reg rate by +20%), the launch of Voice and Video calling, on-site user experience (UX) optimisations, plus loads of new niches (including Over 50s, Christian, Kink, BBW and Premium), we're proud that upgrade rates and our partners' ROI has grown substantially. 

Revenue generated per acquired memberImg 1: Initial revenue per acquired basis from Aug 2020 to May 2021 has increased by +29%

In May, the average amount of revenue generated from each member that came from a paid advertising campaign was +29% higher than last August. Coupled with these impressive returns, May's same-day conversion rate (the number of members that upgrade on the same day that they join a dating site) has also grown by +16.2% when compared to April. That's even 5.5% higher than January - the online dating industry's peak season.

Same-day ConversionImg 2: Same-day conversion rate has seen a 16.2% MoM increase and also exceeded peak seasons results

This means our partners are able to acquire traffic much more confidently, knowing they will see a return on the same day, but more importantly they will achieve more registrations for the same cost! 

To learn more about our recent projects and how we can help you optimise your advertising campaigns  contact partners@whitelabeldating.com.

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