19 October, 2020

The Inside Track - October 2020

Welcome to White Label Dating's Inside Track

What to expect in this month's Inside Track

White Label Dating brings you exciting product releases, tips and tricks to grow your dating sites marketing campaigns, the latest news from the online dating industry and much more!

In October's episode of the Inside Track, Dave, our Chief Revenue Officer, talks about our brand new Over 50s niche that will allow our partners to charge higher subscription fees and boost lifetime revenues and profits. The new niche offers a number of brand new on-site and email features that provide a truly unique, tailored experience for the mature demographic

Seb, our Head of White Label Dating, provides detail on the new niche's launch strategy that will take place throughout October and November. He'll also share how we will be populating the database to ensure it reaches a strong critical mass before partners begin investing next month. 

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